Athens, 2th May 2011: your struggle, our struggle by Stelios Fotinopoulos

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Resistance, solidarity, social movement, fight back, collectivity, communication. Words that during last week, got a new meaning here in Greek capital, Athens.

It started as a “facebook thing” just for people who were closer to technology, but it was something really more important than just this. Every day at 18.30 tens of thousands are gathering in Syntagma sq. (this square took its name from the day that Greek people protested for a constitution for the very first time back in the middle of 19th century-after Greece’s liberation from the Ottomans) and demand the quit of Social-democrat government and “abolish” IMF program. Later in the evening many people participate in the direct democratic assembly in order to give specific political characteristics to this initiative. Mainstream media just underestimate the incident intentionally and speak about “happening fiestas”.

Of course people that participate in the assembly of Syntagma sq. come from all the political fields and especially left, anarchists and progressive people in general. People have organized about 8 work groups in order to split the works that have to be done(media, food, art, safeguard, legal group etc).

Of course there is a lot that need to be done, but for the very first time, people, regardless the political preference, seem to be united for a common goal. And this goal is real democracy instead of fake democracy of the capitalistic system. We demand democracy everywhere, by everyone and for everyone! We want our lives back and we will fight until the end! Venceremos Espana!





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Il movimento 15maggio in assemblea a Madrid, 29 maggio 2011 di Mariangela Casalucci da Parigi: yes we camp!


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É ora di riprenderci i nostri spazi pubblici per discutere sul nostro futuro tutti e tutte insieme.
Occupazione pacifica delle piazze pubbliche
Creazione di spazi di incontro, dibattito e riflessione.
É nostro dovere recuperare gli spazi pubblici,
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e costruire le alternative.

Riprendiamoci le piazze! Riprendiamoci le strade!

ll capitalismo globalizzato nuoce gravemente alla salute.... e puo' indurre, nei soggetti piu' deboli, alterazioni della vista e dell'udito, con tendenza all'apatia e la graduale perdita di coscienza ... (di classe) :-))

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